• Watch your thoughts for they become words.​
    Watch your words for they become actions.
    ​Watch your actions for they become habits.
    ​Watch your habits for they become character.
    ​Watch your character for they become your destiny.

    ​                                                                                      ~Lao Tzu

    Serenity begins within.

    Enjoy your present state of being.

  • You are a part of the oneness. Move through the world with all of the thoughtfulness and presence of mind this realization deserves.

Pics from my trip to Grand Cayman? Go to the Gallery page. 
Mostly me and Emily attempting SUP yoga.
Les Mills BodyFlow is now BodyBalance! 

I'm super excited to return to this fun and challenging format.

  • BodyBalance is a choreographed full body workout.

  • It isn't gentle but there are always modifications.

  • Thursdays, 5:30pm in person and on Zoom via inMotion Fitness and Wellness

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Attendance Policy

With the exception of the four classes listed below, any other class with less than two people registered as of 5:30pm the night prior will be cancelled. You can see how many people are registered by looking at class details (illustrated on the left).
5:45 am classes
Tuesday Power & Fundamentals
Thursday Matya
Sunday Firetanga

Be sure to check back often for any schedule changes.

If you have any problems with the scheduling system, don't get frustrated, EMAIL ME!! I'll help you figure out how everything works :D

Do you know someone who could benefit from some mindfulness? 

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Referrals with benefits & Newbie freebie

  • Refer a friend and get a free class.
  • If your friend signs up for at least a 10 pack, or become a patron at Ananda or higher, you both get a 15% discount on your purchase.
  • First time yoga-ing with Younify? Your first two week are free! Take as many classes as you wish (for two weeks), then decide on a package.
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Yoga Adventures!

Upcoming Adventure
Recent Adventures:
Costa Rica
Nova Scotia

Some people go on yoga retreats, we go on yoga adventures!

Daily yoga, mindful tours, great food, incredible company; everything comes together for an amazing experience. We travel to interesting locales and live in the moment.

Some Playlists - They're public on Spotify, or you can build your own.

I will be adding more playlists. If you have some favorite artists, please share!

A yoga practice is more than just fancy postures (although they can be a lot of fun to try).
A yoga practice is a way of life.

I could list all of my creds (many hours of formal training) and all of my certifications (a lot of those too), but that's boring. Here's what I think is most important to know about me ...

I Believe

  • Living mindfully is incredibly powerful. 
  • Loving kindness and tolerance can change negative energy into positive energy. 
  • If everyone practiced yoga, the world would be a much happier, much more peaceful place. 
  • A snarky sense of humor is essential to living a fulfilled life.

I don't believe

  • Yoga is only for the flexible.
  • Yoga requires you to be a vegan.
  • You can only be "good" at yoga if you wear expensive yoga clothes.

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