• Watch your thoughts for they become words.​
    Watch your words for they become actions.
    ​Watch your actions for they become habits.
    ​Watch your habits for they become character.
    ​Watch your character for they become your destiny.

    ​                                                                                      ~Lao Tzu

    Serenity begins within.

    Enjoy your present state of being.

  • You are a part of the oneness. Move through the world with all of the thoughtfulness and presence of mind this realization deserves.

NORWAY - February, 2022

Yes! Norway in the winter. Why? Because we want to see the northern lights, and the best opportunity is when there are more hours of darkness.

The adventure will include yoga classes twice daily (time permitting), two full day and one half day tours, awesome food, accommodations, transportation, northern light hunting (yay!), amazing people, unforgettable experiences.

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