Driven To Be Calm
How does your mindset change when you get behind the wheel?
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The Attainability of Oneness
The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root yuj,
meaning to yoke or to unite. Although yuj has many variations and uses, its essence conveys a sense coming together or connecting. Much of what we focus on in the practice of yoga is the bringing together of the disparate...
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You have to Fail to Succeed

Success is a loaded term. Just like all words in our lexicon, it has picked up baggage over the centuries. Many good people equate success with wealth and/or fame. This is understandable because these things offer a level of comfort and security, but they really have nothing to do with success. In a...

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Resiliency = Strength

The other day while discussing my virtual yoga studio with my 86-year-old Dad he asked me, “Don’t you just teach the same class every single lesson?” I think he was concerned that I would become bored or be boring to my students. This is an assumption of many people who don’t regularly take a yoga c...
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